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Oxidation Of Silver Jewelry

1.Chemical Reasons:when silver is exposed to the air, silver ions and sulfide ions react to produce silver sulfide. Silver sulfide is gray-black. After long-term accumulation, the color of the silver surface gradually changes from white to yellow to gray and finally to black.

2.Physique:because everyone’s endocrine and physical conditions are different, some people’s sweat is more acidic, some people’s body moisture is heavy and toxins or body fluids have a higher sulfur content. These are all substances that cause the surface of silver jewelry to turn black, so Everyone wearing silver jewelry will produce different results. Some people wear it for two days and then turn black, and some people wear it for half a year and it will be as bright as new.

 Jewelry Maintenance

1.Wear It Every Day:the best maintenance method for silver jewelry is to wear it every day because the body's oil will make silver give off a warm and natural luster.

2.Don't Wear It To Bath:don't wear silver jewelry in the bath, water will accelerate its oxidation, and the sulfur in shower gel, facial cleanser, and soap will also accelerate its oxidation and blackening.

3.Stay Away From Cosmetics:try to avoid contact with cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume, skincare products, sulfur soap, hair dye, perm, etc., because these items contain sulfur, and long-term exposure will reduce the gloss.

4.Keep Away From Chemicals:try to avoid contact with vinegar, bleach, correction fluid, and other chemicals, and don’t wear it to swimming, especially when going to the sea.

5.Wear Separately:don't wear other precious metal jewelry or gemstone jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry, so as to avoid collision, deformation, or abrasion, which will affect the appearance of the wear.

6.Isolation The Air:put it away when not wearing it, preferably in a closed pocket. Sealing the pocket is to isolates the air, reduces oxygen contact, and prevents the surface of the silver jewelry from a chemical reaction and blackening when it comes in contact with the air.

Recovery Method

1.Silver Cloth:the silver polishing cloth made of high-quality pure cotton as the base material, adding polishing powder, decontamination, and glazing materials, has the functions of glazing, decontamination, and maintenance for pure silver jewelry. Rub the oxidized silver necklace lightly with a silver wiping cloth, and it will soon become shiny again.

2.Silver Washing Water:compared with wiping silver cloth, silver washing water can directly clean pure silver jewelry. Put the blackened pure silver jewelry into the silver washing water for about one minute (if the oxidation is particularly serious, it can be left for a longer time), and then take it out with water Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.


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