SM 12/09/2021

Love these cuffs, they are very stylish and dont hurt my ear at all. I will buy again.

Evana Williams 12/09/2021

Cute and comfortable. I just don’t like that it doesn’t fit to my ear very well. And you can’t adjust the size of the ring.

Terry s. 07/07/2021

Lovely, just the right piece to wear comfortably

tigerlily007 08/04/2021

I am in love with these ear cuffs. I\'ve included a picture to show the one on my left ear. As you can tell, I like piercings/cuffs on my ears! :) There\'s just enough give in these cuffs to be able to squeeze it slightly to keep it tight on my ear, but I can\'t even feel it. It stays on all day with no problems. I wear one at a time or both, just to switch it up. They look brand new even though I\'ve had them a couple of weeks. Definitely recommend these.

Rocky 06/04/2021

Really cute they stay put