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About Kosiner

Kosiner, inspired by the founders' fantasy of a free space. She lived in a family that was not well off, and her family could only afford the material necessities. Her first dream was to earn money so that her family could enjoy a relatively better life. But as she worked hard, she got everything she didn't have, but she found that life was far more than material pursuits. She discovered that what she sought was spiritual liberation and a free life. She was no longer bound by material things, she tried to do whatever she wanted to do and become whoever she wanted to be.

She came into contact with different industries and people, learned more stories and got more inspiration. She finds that jewelry is her best form of expression, because jewelry is close to the body and conveys a message while expressing herself. At the same time, she hopes to bring beauty into people's lives in the form of jewelry.

Afterwards, she created the brand Kosiner. She shares her longing for life and pursuit of herself through the establishment of such a space. She shares all the expectations she has for herself and for women, while respecting each woman's way of life and unique personality. She personifies Kosiner, likening it to a girl named K, who shares stories in her own way. She hopes to close the distance between her and all women.